1. Publicly Certified and Sworn Expert

    Publicly Certified and Sworn Expert Since February 24th, 2011 Christian Karner is publicly certified and […]

  2. Lower Austria timber structure Award

    Lower Austria timber structure Award 2016  Karner Consulting is nominated for the Lower Austria timber […]

  3. Structural and seismic analysis of masonry buildings

    Structural and seismic analysis of masonry buildings Our team is specialised in nonlinear static and […]

Karner Consulting – The Company for Civil and Structural Engineering

Karner Consulting is a chartered engineering company specialising in structural design under the management of Christian Karner. The company was established early in 2002 and implements made-to-order projects in a quality-conscious way, on schedule and at optimised cost.

The scope of services includes design, consulting and inspection for industrial and building construction specialising in glass and steel structures. Christian Karner is a publicly certified and sworn expert and member of the technical standards committee ON-Komitee 071.

Our Areas of Focus

In the last years we deliberately chose a wide variety of projects in order to continuously update our know-how in many fields.

During the last 10 years our team specialised in structural design of steel-glass structures and gained much experience in the industrial construction business. We also acquired extensive know-how in the refurbishment of old buildings and loft conversions.

Structural Design is Know-How
  1. Glass and Steel Construction

  2. Industrial Construction

  3. Building Construction

Structural Design is the Beginning of all Building Activity

We count both private persons and large renowned companies among our customers. Our innovative civil engineering company invests in all projects its entire store of experience with a maximum of personal commitment.

Through prudent expansion and successful recommendation by building owners Karner Consulting has become an important player in the civil engineering industry and an attractive and stable employer.

  1. Energy Center - Turin

    Structural calculation based on a finite element analysis for the glass panels (Roof and facade) of the Energy Center

  2. Welded Steel Tanks - Timelkam

    Structural planning of three welded steel tanks 1x 20.000m³ + 2x 11.000m³

  3. Vale - Malaysia

    Global analysis of steel structure and detail design of connections – approx. 5000 t steel, max. dimensions L/W/H = 2500/10/30m

  4. Callao Port - Peru

    Strucutrual analysis of a conveyor belt system’s head and its substrucutre, tonnage 3.000t approx

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Structural Design is Personal


Our corporate culture creates a productive environment for our team to grow and flourish. These are the best conditions for achieving an optimum business result.

» Our work is more than just a profound service.

It is the beginning of any building activity.
With our support it becomes possible to make it visible.

The project takes shape, holds up and can be GRASPED. «