Classical services: Structural engineering

  • concept and detailed planning
  • tendering
  • detailed structural design and analysis
  • formwork and reinforcement drawings, drawings for steel constructions

Certified Expert Services

  • checking engineer
  • structural assessment for old buildings
  • structural inspection of buildings
  • damage survey
  • structural expertise
  • court expertise

Specialisation: Industrial construction

  • tank constructions
  • pipeline constructions
  • bridge constructions
  • structural design and analysis for special constructions, such as cable structures buckling calculations für sheet metal constructions, ….

Specialisation: Glass and steel construction

  • specialisation in all-glass / glass constructions
  • hall structures
  • steel / glass lifts

Specialisation: Old building construction

  • restoration of base and old buildings
  • seismic calculations, earthquake response spectrum analysis,
  • investigation of horizontal capacity of the “Gründerzeit” houses, ….